Places we went before the blog

The Rupperts started this adventure around July 2007 when Erin and Brian moved back. We went quite a few places before Brian made this fabulous blog. Here’s a list of what we can remember:

7/31/2007 Smoky Jon’s BBQ, Kevin’s choice

8/7/2007 Gray’s Tied House, Verona, Brian’s choice

8/14/2007 El Pescador, Pat’s choice

8/21/2007  Chin’s, Erin’s choice

8/28/2007 Za’s Pizza, Neil’s choice

9/12/2007 The Blue Spoon, Kevin’s choice

9/19/2007 Granite City Grill

9/24/2007 Mexicali Rose, Erin’s choice CLOSED

10/1/2007 Flat Top Grill

10/15/2007 Hong Kong Cafe

10/22/2007 Peppermill Grill CLOSED

10/29/2007 Macaroni Grill CLOSED

Tutto Pasta in Middleton

Brocach Irish Pub

Ale Asylum

Sa Bai Thong

Tex Tubbs Tacos

Trees (DeForest)


Pat made a spreadsheet with our ratings on these restaurants.  If we can find it, we’ll post our numbers.

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