January 5, 2012 – Dumpling Haus (Hilldale)

Visit the Dumpling Haus website for menu, location, and hours.

erin says:  I’m late in posting this, but I wanted to make sure to write down a summary of what I recall hearing from our group after we visited Dumpling Haus.  There were four of us, and I believe we ordered Haus Stickers, Veggie Wontons, Haus Lo Mein with shrimp (with side of Haus Dumplings), Haus Noodle Soup (with side of Haus Dumplings), and a fried rice dish that I don’t see on the regular menu, but might have been a special that day.  It was a Thursday night, and it got pretty busy while we were there.  I thought everything tasted very fresh.  The freshness was especially apparent in the lo mein.  I usually find lo meins that are pan fried and salty, but this was very light and had a good balance of vegetables.  There weren’t any “filler” vegetables  – just scallions and carrots and veggies that added to the dish.  Pat also commented on the freshness.  She noted that if she was looking for her usual, less healthy Chinese fix, she would head down the mall.  Brian was daunted by the mechanics of eating noodle soup, but he liked the flavors.  I enjoyed the Haus Stickers and Haus Dumplings with their sauce.  The Veggie Wontons were unexciting.  When she ordered them, Pat thought that they would be fried, and she expected more from the filling from its description.  It is notable that they deep fry anything at Dumpling Haus (I believe).  The kitchen is only feet away from the tables, so that is probably a blessing.  The consensus of the group was that the prices were expensive.  Even so, I would go there again.  I am a big fan of dumplings, and I hope to try some of the other types on offer. 8 out of 10.

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