August 1, 2011 – Opa (State Street) [CLOSED]

Pat says: We planned to go to Ian’s pizza on Frances Street, but they were closed for an employee party, so we headed down State Street to look at the families in town for SOAR and find another place for dinner.  Ended up at Opa because it was the first place we came to, it was on our list, and they had a sign in the window that said “gyros & fries, $6.50″.   Erin says that they’ve been open for a while, but here’s their general atmosphere - not ready to open yet.  Everything is sort of random – tables, variety and placement of artwork on the walls, and especially the padded bench with legs that fall out from under you when you sit.  No air conditioning and it’s still 90 degrees at 6:30.  Our waitress was nice and paid just the right amount of attention (read: regular refills on drinks but no hovering).  Kevin had a gyros style sandwich with pork instead of lamb – I had a bite and it was okay but not nearly as good as my real gyros with a  fresh, mixed greens, feta and cucumber Greek salad on the side.  I love the garlicky, greasy, sour creamy taste of a good gyros, and this was not disappointing, even if it wasn’t the giant pile of lamb and onions in a basket that we’ve come to expect from the place further down the street.  Kevin’s fries were just right – hot, crispy and served with a small tub of ketchup.  I’d eat here again, maybe for lunch on a Saturday, but I’ll wait until the weather cools.  Opa gets a 7.

erin says:  Pat pretty much covered it, above.  We ended up here while on our way somewhere else, drawn in by the sign on the curb.  I didn’t notice the issue with the bench until Kevin commented right before some girls sat down and almost went sprawling as the bench collapsed.  The fact that it was obviously broken and there was no sign is a clear problem.  The food was good, the service was friendly.  They have a lighted area at one end, so they must have live music.  We started out with a spanakopita appetizer, which was okay in my opinion.  The outer layers were a little more doughy than flaky.  The filling tasted pretty good.  I had a gyro and fries.  We could see the spit turning in the back, which is always a good sign for places with gyros.  One thing they have going for them is the menu with expanded options beyond just gyros.  Pat didn’t mention that our bill was incorrect (in our favor), but we got it all sorted out before we left.  Even though I feel like I’m placing a lot of emphasis on the negative here, the food and the service were good and I would go back.  7 out of 10

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