June 27, 2011 – Alchemy Cafe

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erin says: As it happens, this was our second visit to the Alchemy Cafe.  Brian and I forgot to write it up the first time.  There’s a lot of that happening these days.  I’ll have to prod my co-conspirators into participating in the blog again.  Anyway, we met some friends there for dinner.  It’s a small place.  Our friends had some beers, and ordered an appetizer of fried sweet potato rounds.  I loved the jalepeno blackberry jam enough that I sought some out at the farmer’s market later in the week.  Brian preferred the tarragon mayo.  Brian had a beer that he had never had before, but he can’t remember what it was (he’s no help).  I ordered a BLT (with explosions) and a side of smashed potatoes.  The bacon was delicious.  The sauce was sweeter than I had expected, almost like a honey mustard.  I wasn’t a huge fan of that.  The potatoes were pretty good.  Brian had a steak.  The service was great.  The atmosphere seemed pretty charming to me, even though I think the chairs weren’t too comfortable and it was very loud.  It would be a fun place to be when they have live music, but I can’t imagine how crowded it must be.  I give them an 8.5 out of 10.

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