June 20, 2011 – Cuco’s (Verona)

erin says: a new restaurant opened in Verona recently, Cuco’s.  I believe they are related to another Cuco’s in Waunakee.  We had been eyeing the location for a new business after the ill-fated Megan’s of Verona closed.  I was personally hoping that they would keep the phone company themed table, and they did!  Since one of our family members works for a phone company, we are amused by all of the old literature and bits and pieces encased in that table top, and it just so happens that the two times we’ve been to that location (once at Megan’s, once at Cuco’s), we’ve been seated there.  I think Verona will welcome Cuco’s.  They don’t have anything like it in their immediate area.  It is definitely similar to other (amazingly) fast Tex-Mex restaurants in the Madison area.  I think we will be back.  We did notice that the chips seemed a bit soggy, and I thought the salsa was a little on the sweet side.  The service was good.  The decor looks basically like it did before, with the addition of a wall painted to look like adobe and brick.  I’d give them an 8 out of 10.

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  1. erin Says:

    We paid them another visit recently. The chips were better, and the salsa didn’t seem as sweet to me this time, which is an improvement in my opinion. The service was still good and the food was fast. It was fairly busy on this visit, and we sat on a different side of the dining room at a different table, but everything was satisfactory.

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