March 10, 2011 – Tanner’s Bar and Grill (Middleton)

Visit the website for hours and location.  They’re evidently a chain with locations in Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.

erin says: We decided to try one of the new restaurants in Greenway Station.  We’re still mourning the loss of Macaroni Grill and Bucatini never really filled that gap.  Tanner’s is something different, although they’re competing with some similar concept places in the area.  It’s kind of fun to go in a building that used to be something else and try to remember the way it used to look.  Tanner’s seems to have blocked off the open kitchen, added a raised area, and installed the numerous giant tvs required to qualify as a sports bar.  The bar was fairly busy when we visited.  I don’t follow sports, but I imagine there was some game going on.  The raised area with round tables was moderately busy.  There was a woman stationed at the desk in the entry way whose sole job seemed to be to tell us we could seat ourselves.  We thought that was a bit odd.  A sign would be ok, too, but maybe they just wanted to say hello.  Service was prompt and friendly.  We weren’t drawn in by the overly cute “boogas” or “chicken lips”, but the menu had a reasonable variety of appealing choices.  I settled on turkey club wrap with tater tots.  I almost regretted my choice when a companion ordered sweet potato fries, but I decided I could try those another time.  The wrap was huge and the portion of tater tots was generous.  The turkey in the wrap wasn’t “shaved” as it mentioned in the menu, but it was ok.  The tater tots were very salty, even for a salt lover like me.  I ended up taking half of the wrap home, and it made a fine lunch the next day.  I found the decor basic but they must have kept the sound down on most of the tvs, because I wasn’t annoyed by that like I have been in other sports bars.  I thought the prices were fair, and I thought the menu had a pleasing variety of choices.  8 out of 10.

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