Weather, Burrachos

Due to severe weather in the area, we had to skip last week’s dinner, which was going to be Fork and Spoon Cafe.  Since they’re only open for dinner on Thursday-Saturday, we haven’t been able to make it since we usually get together earlier in the week.  I’m hoping we do make it there sometime soon.

We recently received a glowing comment about Burrachos from someone named Jack.  Jack’s IP address is owned by Nesnah Ventures, the company which owns Burrachos.  No wonder he likes the place so much.

I like his comment about their competitor being the “McDonalds-mex division.”  Chipotle started with one store by a culinary school graduate who wanted to make good burritos.  McDonald’s bought a controlling interest and provided the resources to make it hugely successful.  They sold off their part a couple years ago.

I can’t really find much about the history of Burrachos, other than it being owned by a holding company which owns some convenience stores.

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  1. Kyle Says:

    Heh. Shoulda clicked that link before commenting on the Burrachos post. Good on ya for being scrutinizing.

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