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Brian says: I’ve noticed a couple of odd things about local restaurant web sites lately:

I’m looking at an ad for Bucatini from a coupon mailing, and it says their web site is at www.bucatini.com.  I checked the site trying to remember what I had last time I was there, but couldn’t find it.  Looking at the opening page again, I just realized that it’s the web site for another restaurant with the same name in Santa Barbara, CA.  Oops.  I still can’t find a web site for Bucatini of Middleton. Update: The menu at the restaurant lists www.bucatinitrattoria.com as the web site address. It’s not online yet, but it is actually registered to the owner of Bucatini (the Middleton, WI one, that is.)

We tried going to Pasqual’s in Verona a few weeks back, only to find that they’ve turned it into a coffee shop and part time “supper club.”  This was unclear since the building’s sign still read “Pasqual’s” and the only indication of what was going on was a small sign posted on the door.  Being a curious person, I visited their web site.  Even though the change happened in October, the site still shows Verona as being a Pasqual’s location (ironically, describing it as the “latest Pasqual’s restaurant” and “new”).

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