April 15, 2008 – Curry in the Box

erin says: Today I ordered lunch from Curry in the Box off Fish Hatchery. I had the chicken karee and chicken spring rolls. It was more than enough food for one person, especially lunch. I figured I would write about it here because it’s new to me and I don’t think the Rupperts will be going there together since some of them don’t like curry (but I LOVE it). The chicken karee had chicken, onion, potato, cashews and probably some other things in a yellow curry sauce. I liked it a lot and I would have it again. It came with Papad (crispy bread) and cucumber sauce (Cucumber Raita) on the side. The chicken spring rolls were very tasty and came with a vinegary dipping sauce that I love. I am stuffed, and I am happy. $11 is more than I usually spend for lunch, but variety is nice, and they have a lunch menu with less expensive items (I just couldn’t resist the chicken karee and spring rolls). I had to wait a while for my order (I didn’t phone ahead), but it was worth it. The takeout containers survived a tumble in my car without getting curry all over. 8 out of 10.

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  1. Erin Says:

    I have ordered take out from them for myself and a coworker once since I wrote this. I have to be careful to spell out karee if I order by phone again because I got “Chicken Curry” accidentally, which was also very tasty.

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  3. ganesh bhajan in hindi Says:

    thanks for your effort.. nice say buddy

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