February 9, 2012 – Craft Table & Tap (Middleton)

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erin says: Craft was very busy on the Thursday that we chose to visit, but apparently some diners chose to eat at the bar, which opened up a table for us almost right away. The decor is sort of industrial/warehouse with framed tools on the walls and chairs that reminded me of 70s dorm furniture. I don’t know if they ever use the upstairs, but it was closed on our visit. Part of the dining room was taken up by long bar-height tables that looked like they could fit 18 people (or more?).  They appeared to be set up as part of the dining room with place settings on two ends, but it seems like a nice, flexible idea to accommodate large or small parties. We ordered drinks and cheese curds. These were some of the best cheese curds I’ve had. The batter was golden, light, and crispy, and they were lightly seasoned and served with delicious dressing. They arrived at our table in a little metal pail tipped onto a platter. At first, it looked like a small serving, but that bucket wasn’t all for show – there were some cheese curds hiding out in there.  One order was sufficient to give the four of us a reasonable sized appetizer. After initially struggling to decide between the Craft burger and the blue cheese burger, I decided on the Craft burger. I think my taste in burgers runs toward moderate seasoning and medium-thin patties, and this was a great burger for me.  The bacon was nice and crispy, the patty was medium thickness and juicy, and the garlic mayo was added a nice kick. This is one of the better burgers I’ve had lately.  The only downside to my meal was the mac-n-cheese, which had an unsatisfying texture.  My companions called it gritty, but I think it was maybe a little dry.  The noodles were perfect, though – not overcooked to mush like other restaurants that serve macaroni as a side.  Pat ordered a Reuben, and Brian and Kevin had the Pulled Pork Brisket. The only comment I recall from the brisket-eaters was that they wished for some more sauce. Two of us ordered fries as the side, and no one seemed thrilled by them.  I tried one – they were skinny and crispy, but nothing exciting. The menu is just appetizers, salads, and sandwiches.  I’m curious to see if they will expand the menu and use the upstairs space.  8.5 out of 10.

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