No more Bella Vita

Brian says: I hear Bella Vita has closed down.  During our last visit, we seemed to get bombarded by bread products (bread sticks, some sort of crunchy bread for spinach and artichoke dip, bread for eating with oil..) but the experience was reasonable, and it seemed like a good Italian restaurant for families (rather than the expensive or seemingly business meal-oriented places).

I’m trying to think of what other casual Italian restaurants there are on the west side:

  • We’ve had a couple good meals at Tutto Pasta (Middleton) but the place is quiet on nights when you’d think they’d be busy.
  • I can see Biaggi’s from my office and I tend to associate them with business lunches rather than a casual family dinner.
  • Avanti (Verona) has declared themselves a three-dollar-sign fancy “Italian Steakhouse” now.   Oh well.
  • We didn’t especially care for Benvenuto’s (Fitchburg) years ago when they opened that location, but we went there a couple months ago with Erin’s parents and it wasn’t bad.  I’d like to try them again sometime and see what I think.
  • What else am I not thinking of?
I get the feeling it’s hard to make money on a casual Italian restaurant.  If a chain like Romano’s can’t stay around, it’s probably even harder for the small independent places.
A lot of new places starting up seem to be “local food/craft beer” establishments, which is fine, but I still just want somewhere to have good lasagna, spaghetti with meatballs, fettucine alfredo, etc. and be able to invite friends with kids along, and I had hoped Bella Vita would be that place.
I wonder what will happen to that building.  TGI Friday’s apparently had the right idea when they left the West Towne outer ring for Greenway Station..

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