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July 26, 2012 El Dorado Grill

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Pat says: It’s restaurant week and a chance to try out another Food Fight restaurant.  El Dorado Grill is on Williamson Street just past Blair when you’re coming from the west on John Nolen Drive.  It’s southwestern cuisine,  which for me is somewhere between upscale Mexican and cowboy food.  From the abbreviated restaurant week menu, Kevin and I chose (and shared) chips & salsa, pork nachos with green chili salsa, tortilla soup, grilled salmon, pulled pork dinner, and berry mousse & lemon pie for dessert.  Kevin enjoyed the tortilla soup, and said that it had a nice bite to it, but the pork nachos were the best.  Fresh crisped tortillas, tender bites of pork, salsa and a drizzle of sour cream all over a scoop of guacamole.  This appetizer could easily be a dinner in itself, but only if accompanied by a house margarita or two.  Kevin had the pulled pork on toast with barbeque sauce, a corn pancake, pinto beans, and cole slaw.  He wasn’t thrilled with the dinner – his comment – “It was good but not that good.”  My dinner was better – salmon grilled to a crispy outside, with a citrus glaze, mashed potatoes and collard greens.  Loved the salmon but after the nachos could only eat half (a good reason to bring Kevin along), I thought the mashed potatoes could have used a bit more something (garlic? chives? cheese?) and I never need to eat collard greens again.  Are they supposed to be bitter?  Partly because we had already eaten a big dinner, we were less than enthusiastic about the desserts.  The key lime jalapeno pie was served on a warm plate right out of the dishwasher – right out of the freezer would have been much much better – but Kevin ate every bite.  I left the berry mousse after the first bite.  I expected a smooth consistency and strong berry flavor – this was neither of those.  It just wasn’t tempting enough to follow the big dinner we had enjoyed.  I’m looking forward to trying El Dorado Grill again, and next time I may just stop after the pork nachos, the chips and salsa, and a couple of wonderful margaritas.  I’ll wait to give a rating when we’ve had a dinner off the regular menu.

June 7, 2012 O’Grady’s Pub

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Neil’s new apartment is within walking distance of O’Grady’s on Mineral Point Road, so we decided to give it a try.   Neil and Kevin had the burger with bacon and fried egg, I had a Cobb Salad, and our resident vegetarian had the veggie burger.  I ordered the salad with parmesan peppercorn dressing, but they didn’t have any, so I went with Ranch instead.  (Neil wants the staff at O’Grady’s to know that there’s a grocery store with multiple kinds of salad dressing right across the street, just in case you run out .)  The salad had all of the things I love about a Cobb – bite size pieces of chicken (and lots of them), cheddar cheese instead of blue, really crispy bacon bits, and a whole hard boiled egg sliced on top.  When a salad is your whole meal, it should have lots of the good stuff on top of lettuce, and this one absolutely did.  It came with whole grain toasted bread, which was very good.  I tried Kevin’s hash browns (crispy brown outside, buttery smooth inside, just like they should be) and Neil’s fries (not crispy enough for me).  It’ll be a good place for the new apartment dwellers to stop in after work for a drink and an appetizer, and when we’re in the neighborhood visiting, we’ll keep this on our list of places for a weeknight dinner.  Good food, friendly service, and a casual atmosphere make this a place worth going back to.

Web Sites

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

Brian says: I’ve noticed a couple of odd things about local restaurant web sites lately:

I’m looking at an ad for Bucatini from a coupon mailing, and it says their web site is at  I checked the site trying to remember what I had last time I was there, but couldn’t find it.  Looking at the opening page again, I just realized that it’s the web site for another restaurant with the same name in Santa Barbara, CA.  Oops.  I still can’t find a web site for Bucatini of Middleton. Update: The menu at the restaurant lists as the web site address. It’s not online yet, but it is actually registered to the owner of Bucatini (the Middleton, WI one, that is.)

We tried going to Pasqual’s in Verona a few weeks back, only to find that they’ve turned it into a coffee shop and part time “supper club.”  This was unclear since the building’s sign still read “Pasqual’s” and the only indication of what was going on was a small sign posted on the door.  Being a curious person, I visited their web site.  Even though the change happened in October, the site still shows Verona as being a Pasqual’s location (ironically, describing it as the “latest Pasqual’s restaurant” and “new”).

Weather, Burrachos

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Due to severe weather in the area, we had to skip last week’s dinner, which was going to be Fork and Spoon Cafe.  Since they’re only open for dinner on Thursday-Saturday, we haven’t been able to make it since we usually get together earlier in the week.  I’m hoping we do make it there sometime soon.

We recently received a glowing comment about Burrachos from someone named Jack.  Jack’s IP address is owned by Nesnah Ventures, the company which owns Burrachos.  No wonder he likes the place so much.

I like his comment about their competitor being the “McDonalds-mex division.”  Chipotle started with one store by a culinary school graduate who wanted to make good burritos.  McDonald’s bought a controlling interest and provided the resources to make it hugely successful.  They sold off their part a couple years ago.

I can’t really find much about the history of Burrachos, other than it being owned by a holding company which owns some convenience stores.

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